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At Wapo y Wapa Limited, we pioneer in creating inclusive digital spaces that celebrate diversity and facilitate connections. Our mobile applications, Wapa and Wapo, are dedicated to enriching the LGBTQ+ community's social and dating experiences, offering a secure and friendly platform for individuals to meet, chat, and discover. Through innovation and commitment to authenticity, we aim to bring people closer, one match at a time.

Wapo is a forward-thinking dating app designed to foster connections among men within the LGBTQ+ community. It emphasizes safety, inclusivity, and authenticity, offering features like photo verification and real-time chats to ensure genuine interactions. By facilitating both local and global connections, Wapo aims to create a welcoming space for friendships, dating, and meaningful relationships.

Wapa is a leading dating app catering specifically to LGBTQ+ women, designed to encourage genuine and safe connections. With an emphasis on authenticity, inclusivity, and security, Wapa aims to provide a comfortable and welcoming platform for women seeking friendship, dating, or long-term relationships, making it a cornerstone for community-building within the LGBTQ+ spectrum.

QLIST is an upcoming app designed to connect the LGBTQ+ community by providing a global directory of queer venues. It aims to make discovering these spaces effortless worldwide, leveraging unique technology and community insights for an accurate and dynamic guide. QLIST, which will be integrated with the Wapo and Wapa dating apps.

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